The study examined Manipulative strategies, Intelligent and Interpersonal relationship as correlates of women personalities within Ikenne Local government of Ogun state, Nigeria. It made used of random sampling of 300 participants. The age range of the respondents was between 18 years and 60 years with the mean age of 36.5 and standard deviation of 3.413. The expost factor research design was used. Twenty –one questions named Belief about Women Scale (BAS) by Snell (1997) was adapted with three sub scales were used in generating the data for the study. Data analysis involved the use of Analysis of Variance (Step Wise), multiple regressions (Step wise) and Pearson moment product correlation. The results indicated that women strength is positively correlated related to the three variables. Women personalities is positively correlated to intelligent (r=.493; p< .0.5); manipulative strategies (r=.473, p < .05) and interpersonal relationship (r=.569, p<05); but intelligent is not found with correlation with interpersonal relationship (r=.021; p>.05), but a correlation with manipulative strategies (r =467, p<.05). Also a manipulative strategy was found with no correlation). Also, there is a significant difference in the analysis of variance of the independent variables. Also, the three variables contribute 58.8% to the personality of Women strength. On the basis of this following, It is then suggested that: 1. Nigerian women are intelligent and sociable; hence they should be given opportunity to serve more. 2. Government should come out with plans to protect women right, so that they would not be abuse by men folks, but rather respect them for these attributes.