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Nzyoki Josephine Mumbua, Dr Laaria Mingaine

The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors influencing implementation of strategic plans in the Municipal Council of Machakos, Kenya. Strategy implementation has been insufficient in many service sectors and especially in the MCM. This has been evidenced by uncompleted projects, indisposed solid waste and inadequate infrastructure. The study comprised of sixty five respondents selected through stratified random sampling from the total population of two hundred and ten employees of the council. The respondents were from the three levels of management involved in strategy implementation which are the top, middle and supervisory levels. In the investigation both quantitative and qualitative methods were used and the questionnaires as data gathering techniques. Validity and Reliability of data instruments were tested and ascertained. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and content analysis. It was aided by the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 15 for windows with a significance level of 95% (α=0.05). The study showed that implementation of strategic plans is run slower than the expected stated time. The study found out that there is no proper alignment of resources with the strategic plans of the Council. The study recommends that there should be an independent body to monitor strategy implementation so that it takes the stated time. Alignment of resources should be done properly so as to utilize the skills acquired and make use of the human and physical capital available. Proper training and instruction should be given to the lower level employees so as to be competent in their area of work at the MCM.