Review Process: Each submission in our journal publication pass through the Blind Review and Peer Review process. by which quality control operation performed by publication. We removed the name of author and his/her detail from the submitted paper then send that paper to the reviewers. Each paper is must pass through the acceptance of at-least three reviewers. Then Plagiarism is checked of the submitted paper by the team IJAHS. Author Must fulfill all the comments and make all the changes which instructed by reviewers. Every author must submit the electronic scaned copy of copyright form. which can be downloaded from the website www.ijahs.com It is suggested to take guidance from your supervisor or teacher who already published number of papers. when you use any thing from any other paper, you must mention that paper in reference. In case of review paper you must use maximum no. of references in your paper which improve quality. In the case of copyright clam by another author with suitable proof. you paper will be removed from our website.

After acceptance "gallery proof" will be send to the author by mail.No correction will be made once the paper published in website. Authors are suggested to check the gallery proof carefully and then give acceptance.