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Dr. John Solomon Gaikwad

Humans have interacted over long distances for thousands of years. The over-land ‘Silk Road’ that connected Asia, Africa and Europe is a good example of effective and successful international exchange that existed in the ‘Old World’. Roland Robertson, Professor of Sociology at University of Aberdeen, defined ‘globalization’ as "the compression of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole” (1992). Globalization has been described as a revolution that is affecting all of human society (Sassen 1996, 1998). Robert Schaeffer (2009) observes that – “We live in a time of global change. But people experience change in different ways. Global change ….affects some people more than others, and it can have different consequences – good and bad – for people in different settings”. As a result of globalization, many people are influenced by more than a single culture. The probable impact of globalization is not predictable always.We are free to explore the possibilities of utilizing the advanced technology for conservation of our cultural heritage.