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Aneeqa Nawaz

The focus of research is to explore the facts which were the major cause of political instability in Pakistan since 1947-1956. Lack of effective leadership in the PML ruling party and political leaders made it easier for Governor General to dominate the political scene. The opposition, too, failed to offer an effective political alternative. The constitution which Nazimuddin tried to give to the Nation at the end of 1952 was not acceptable to most of politicians. The Islamic provisions of the proposed Constitution, the representation of the two wings in the future parliament, and the language controversy were the main issues of dispute. So long as Nazim- ud- Din was Prime Minister these issues remained unsolved. He was a gentleman no doubt but he was fail in politics. Governor dismissed the Nazim ud din, who had confidence in assembly. After him Muhammad Ali Bogra succeeded. The Governor dismissed the Nazim ud Din government without any solid reason and gave statement that he was lose the public confidence and failed to control the problems. In Mohammad Ali Bogra, he found a Prime Minister, who never disobeys him. At that time, Ghulam Mohammad made Daultana to resign from the Chief Ministership of the Punjab. The same year Qaiyum was removed from provincial politics and was brought to the centre.